What our families and the community think

All our stakeholders views are set out in the report above, please read for more information.
Here at Slated Row we have strong relationships with our parents. We believe our partnership with parents/carers is essential to understanding our pupils and being able to offer them the best learning opportunities we can. We endeavour to listen to any concerns and respond as soon as we can.
Pupils at Slated Row are an inspiration to all of us involved in the school. They are determined to be the best they can be. We have a brilliant 'School Council' who make a positive impact on the school and its effectiveness.

“Loads of opportunities and trips”

“I enjoy school, it’s fun”

"staff are friendly”

“we get to be independent and are trusted to do jobs.”

Slated Row Pupils

Our relationships with the local community allow us to develop opportunities for the pupils. This takes the form of access to facilities, work based experiences, sharing of expertise or experience and through fundraising.