Vision & Ethos

Our 'Learning Charter', is our promise to the students of Slated Row and is to uphold the values and principles stated in the ethos, vision and aims of the school as stated below.

Our Ethos & Vision

 “Slated Row is a school built on hope, dignity and respect where everybody is valued and treated as an individual. We believe that everyone has the right to success and for that success to be celebrated. We have a professional approach to education whilst keeping a family feel. Our school community is built on restorative principles which encourage good behaviour and a positive attitude to learning.”

“In Slated Row school there is warmth, humour and respect for each individual within a collaborative and restorative learning environment - where relationships are at the heart of student well-being and achievement”

Tom McCready, The Restorative Foundation

“Our vision at Slated Row is to offer the best educational opportunities in a friendly, safe, stimulating environment where laughter is encouraged. We aim to put everyone at the centre of their own learning journey which will help them to reach their full potential and prepare them for life beyond Slated Row.”


Our Key Aims are to …

  •  provide a stimulating, secure and happy learning environment with equal opportunities;
  • develop everyone's intellectual, creative and physical skills to their full potential;
  • encourage everyone's social and emotional growth by fostering positive relationships;
  • develop the independence, self-belief and resilience of pupils within a wider multi ethnic society;
  • develop pupils' self-esteem, confidence and their own voice;
  • develop pupils’ work and life skills and thus their employability;
  • create a welcoming community that offers positive support to all those who are involved with the school.


These aims and school vision will be achieved by

  • "daring to inspire” both our students and each other;
  • using restorative principles* through developing forms of communication in which adults:
    • Build a sense of connection and belonging for all members of the school community;
    • develop understanding and appreciation of differences and difficulties;  
    • participate actively in promoting social responsibility and building a school climate of mutual respect.
  • having a broad and balanced curriculum with pathways for pupils to access it, based on their needs and preferred styles of learning;
  • offering well planned opportunities enabling all pupils to make progress, which will in turn be celebrated;
  • assessment to enable each pupil to understand their next steps in learning through informative feedback;
  • recording and reporting on pupil progress to inform teaching;
  • continually developing our expert team of staff to have the knowledge, skills, and resources to carry out their duties;
  • ensuring that all staff have high expectations of the pupils in all areas of the curriculum - including of their work and attitude and in turn their behaviour;
  • showing concern for others and valuing each person's contribution;
  • working in partnership with parents and carers in the education of their children;
  • effectively using technology to enhance learning and support pupil’s to access communication and learning;
  • give real and relevant opportunities for lifeskills and work experience;
  • offering support, advice, training and resources to all involved with the school;
  • Efficient systems and technology to inform learning, performance and to ensure the smooth running of the school.
About the Charter
This Learning Charter is our promise to the students at Slated Row School. It articulates our school’s ethos, aims and vision. The Learning Charter gives all involved in school a shared vision and common goals.


The Learning Charter was created through observations, informal discussions, reading reports written about the school and the following work to ensure we had the views of key stakeholders:

  • Pupils through class discussions aided by communication boards where needed;

  • All staff through discussions in teams with a member of the SLT;

  • Parents through the annual survey;

  • Governors through a short survey, then followed up in meetings.


The questions used to gather people’s views included:

  1. What is good about the school?

  2. What are our responsibilities to the students and their care?

  3. What do we want our students to achieve?

  4. What do we have to do to achieve these?


The Senior Leadership team then compiled the key themes from the responses. These were then used to construct this Learning Charter. The Learning Charter in the form of a poster should be displayed in all classrooms along with the School Improvement Plan summary chart. This Learning Charter should be revisited biennially.