The curriculum

"You and your staff team are determined to provide opportunities for all pupils to develop both academically and personally in order to prepare them for their next destinations." Ofsted 2018
At Slated Row we have a developmental curriculum designed to meet the needs of our pupils. This is our universal provision, in other words what all pupils will access at school. The two school sites have been designated to allow for the change in curriculum to coincide with moving campus. 
  • The Wolverton Campus (Recption to Year 9) = The school's developmental curriculum
  • The Kents Hill Campus (Year 10 to Year 14) = Examination syllabuses, and life and work skills
All pupils at Slated Row School have Education, Health and Care Plans. These are used to ensure the pupils are kept at the centre of their learning. The plans are reviewed at the beginning of the school year to plan provision in the class they are in from the most up to date information. 
Core skills of literacy, numeracy, as well as communication are focussed upon in all stages and areas of the curriculum. Pupils Wellbeing and Mental Health is key to good learning and all children and young adults need to be taught about these areas explicitly. Therefore this has be woven into the curriculum with safeguarding, which is essential to understand for positive wellbeing and good mental health. Independence and skills for life, including employability, are encouraged at all times. 

The school has a strong tradition of expressive arts for which we are passionate. The arts is an area many of our pupils can excel in and is therefore seen as a key part of the curriculum.

Physical Education is an area that many of pupils see massive achievements and as a Youth Sports Trust Lead Inclusion School we aim to build on our staff and student leaders skills to not only deliver excellent opportunities in the curriculum but extra curricular and beyond Slated Row. 

Information Communication Technology (ICT) pervades the whole curriculum and is used as a tool to:

  • Enhance opportunities & learning experiences;
  • Support pupils to access the curriculum;
  • Develop & support pupils to communicate, ensuring equal opportunities for all;
  • Allow pupils to access learning at home.

The staff continually review the curriculum within Key Stage Teams, as Curriculum Leaders and the full offer by the Senior Team. This has included investigating good practice and commercial curriculums. We have worked with two outstanding special schools and bought some commercial packages 'cherry picking' the elements we feel meet our pupils' needs. 

The curriculum has been developed over the last three years and has specifically looked at curriculum outcomes and how pupils access the curriculum. From this work new outcomes have been constructed which meet the pupils needs. There is addition importance placed on pupil mental health and well-being, including safeguarding as well as independence and employability. This can be seen in both our Foundation Curriculum and Higher Curriculum. Pathways have then been identified and improved to allow for better access to the curriculum offered, these are explained in sections 2 and 3 of this document.

For Curriculum Policies please see policy section