Team Teach

Our practices and procedures follow Team Teach principles. All staff are trained in accordance with Team Teach’s guidance.


It is understood that most appropriate behaviours are promoted and most challenging behaviours are avoided or minimised by ensuring that:

  1. There is an appropriate match between activity and ability/interest

  2. All staff approach pupils in an agreed consistent manner, and communicate clearly and calmly

  3. Pupils are appropriately supervised

  4. All relevant staff have a clear understanding of what constitutes acceptable/non-acceptable behaviour for individual pupils

  5. Rules and routines are made clear to all (pupils and staff) and are applied and followed consistently

  6. Students and volunteers are briefed on pupil behaviour and appropriate approaches


In a small number of cases problem behaviour may become defined as ‘severely challenging’ and require an individualised approach to ensure effective and safe management. A behaviour support plan (BSP) will, in such cases, be devised. A BSP is a documented systematic approach towards:

  1. Assessing causes of the behaviour

  2. Understanding what is reinforcing or maintaining the behaviour

  3. Behaviour planning, implementation and evaluation of intervention


Behaviour support plans (BSP) should:

  1. Be based on careful assessment of the functions served by the behaviour in question
  2. Remain the responsibility of the class teacher who devises it in collaboration with staff who work daily with the pupil.
  3. Work systematically towards promoting behavioural self-control utilising positive teaching strategies and Restorative Justice practices.