Targeted Provision

Targeted interventions are logged by the Provision Leader and by the teams and individuals delivering/implementing them. These are RAG rated to inform staff of what has been successful or not for future planning. There are a number of targeted strategies that do not need planning for, such as social stories, these are still logged in the same way. A number of the targeted interventions are now approached using the 'Engagement 4 Learning Profile' to better judge small steps of progress.


Targeted provision starts with our pathways for learning where our sensory and structured pathways have additional staffing to allow for more individual and smaller group work.

  • Sensory: A multi-sensory approach to learning. 
  • Structured: Highly Structured approach including aspects of TEACCH and other specific strategies. 
  • Scaffolded: Higher levels of directed teaching as well as child initiated learning. 


Other targeted interventions for the curriculum include:

  • Additional 1:1 teaching
  • Numicon
  • Sounds Write 
Further targeted provision can be found in the Speech and Language section on the website and the Mental Health & Wellbeing section.