Sports Leaders

4th December 2017
Several Sports Leaders from Slated Row went to Radcliffe School this week. They went to meet two Year 9 Radcliffe students who are keen to start their leadership journey with us at the Dare to Believe festival we are running next week.
The students worked together on communication in team building exercises.  The task was for the group (including Mr Cornwell) to find and pick up a tennis ball from the floor. It sounds easy but they had to have their eyes closed at all times.  The Radcliffe student watching the group had to sign/indicate directions without speaking.  Our student, who wasn't allowed to look, interpreted what he meant and became his voice. 
It was a fun packed session and we all laughed a great deal together.
On Thursday this week we will be running activities at our second Dare to Believe Festival for Bushfield, St Mary & St Giles north and south sites, Orchard and White Spire Schools.