At Slated Row our standards are high. We strongly believe that no goal is beyond possibility for our students and we encourage their aspirations and achievements by use of rewards. There is a whole school approach ‘Going for Gold’ which is incremental. Where students are struggling with regulating their emotions or behaviour we adapt the system to them or introduce an individual approach, usually visual with more regular rewards.


Our pupils are proud of their achievements and are motivated by our school reward system ‘Going for Gold’. Pupils are rewarded with points for:


  • Great effort in your lessons;

  • Showing an excellent attitude and excellent behaviour;

  • Producing fantastic work;

  • Demonstrating team work.


Pupils collect points or stickers to receive work towards bronze, silver and gold awards. These charts are visible in each class. Each area of school has its own age appropriate reward for achieving each level. Where needed reward systems are adjusted for the group or individual to ensure it makes sense and motivates them.


At the end of each week there is a Headteachers assembly in which a star of the week is award to a member of each class. Any other achievements are also celebrated with the school, including achievements in and out of school.


The end of term Celebration Assemblies is a highlight for all. Our students are recognised for their achievements in front of their peers and families. Teachers and Form Tutors nominate students for both academic and pastoral based rewards. Our students thoroughly enjoy these events and are inspired to do their best the following term to secure a reward for themselves.