Restorative Practices

At Slated Row we work in partnership with the Restorative Foundation. We receive training and support from the Foundation and attend network meetings with other schools to share good practice and keep our practices fresh.

The Restorative Framework involves developing forms of communication in which adults:

  • Build a sense of connection and belonging for all members of the school community
  • Develop understanding and appreciation of differences and difficulties  
  • Participate actively in promoting social responsibility and building a school climate of mutual respect

“In Slated Row school there is warmth, humour and respect for each individual within a collaborative and restorative learning environment - where relationships are at the heart of student well-being and achievement”

Tom McCready, The Restorative Foundation

The Restorative Foundation has a number of videos on it's website to explain restorative principles. We also have a DVD and booklet in our lending library.