Recipes for you to try at home!

Students have been busy during Food Technology lessons cooking dishes from all round the world. 
We would like to share some of these recipes with you, so that you can try them with your child at home.
It would be lovely if parents/ students could send in photos of them cooking at home so that we could make up a display in school.
As we return to school my courgette plants are still laden with fruit, so I have been looking for interesting recipes to use them up. Our Key Stage 3 students have been cooking these pancakes and have loved them! Have a go at home and send us some pictures.
Soups are always make for a filling, nutritious meal and a particularly good way of  sneaking vegetables into some more reluctant diners! We have tried quite a few different recipes this week, but I have picked a couple that have passed the taste test with flying colours.
Our Duke of Edinburgh students  have started their volunteering project by cooking their first meal for the MK Bus Shelter who support some of the  homeless community. This quick and easy recipe is a great way to use up some of the many apples we have grown in school. Do give it a try as it is a real treat.
This term Key stage 3 have been making good use of the good supply of apples from both the trees at school as well as those kindly donated by  staff. We have used a wide variety of sweet and savoury recipes - all of which have proved very popular. 
At Kents Hill, as well as cooking for our D of E charity, the MK Bus Shelter for the homeless, we have been cooking some international dishes. Have a try!