Our offer

We aim to offer our pupils the best possible experiences and a high quality of education. Our provision is seen in three areas:
  • Universal - The Curriculum
  • Targeted - School interventions & programmes 
  • Specialist - Specialist professional interventions & programmes
Provision is personalised through each pupil's Education, Health and Care Plan. These are reviewed at the start of each year and the plan developed for the year ahead.
Provision management is a strength of the school because of excellent communication between staff of pupil needs, clear processes, and planning & evaluation of provision from the curriculum to a wide range of interventions. This culminates in the school's offer as shown within this part of the website 'our offer'. Our robust process ensures resources, human and other, are deployed to get best value for money to achieve the best outcomes for our young people. 
The School Day
  • Start of day - 08:40
  • Playtime - 15 minutes in the morning
  • Lunch time - 12:15 until 13:15
  • End of day - 15:15
Note that we offer a range of additional provision, before school, at playtimes and after school.
Milton Keynes Local Offer