March 2021

10th March 2021
Lock Down Cooking
I know that our pupils have found many ways of keeping themselves busy during the recent lockdown, but one student in particular has been putting his spare time to very good use indeed. This student is a member of Jupiter class in Post 16 has been practicing his cooking skills and helping to prepare meals for his family.
His Dad, who has also been our lovely students' very able assistant, was kind enough to share some photos of our aspiring chef in action. 
As well as preparing a most delicious curry, he was also busy during half term making pancakes which he entered into the Great Kents Hill Pancake Challenge. Students were asked to prepare a piece of edible pancake art, using at least two fruits.
I am sure that there are many other budding chefs out there so please share any photos of our young people in action in the kitchen - maybe pass on your favourite recipes even?
Mrs Garratt
Food Technology Teacher