National e-twinning award

30th June 2016

I’d like to highlight to you the recent success of Tina Wright and the school’s eTwinning project ‘Teenagers Talk’. We are delighted that the project won a national eTwinning award in the category ‘Wellbeing’.


Here are the judge’s comments about the project ‘Teenagers Talk’:


“This is a truly inspiring eTwinning project which was for teenagers and constructed by teenagers which engages importantly with similar peer groups in Europe specifically to build student confidence, reduce feelings of marginalisation and build positive hopeful futures. The development of student led themes, flexibility, digital literacy, communication and collaboration in a highly effective, compact and powerful eTwinning project. The student videos clearly communicate the thoughts, feelings, lives and hopes of the young people featured in a positive and forward looking way. This project celebrates difference while promoting the similarities shared by all teenagers throughout Europe and beyond. It achieves its curricular goals but goes so far beyond that, impacting immensely positively on the participants. A powerful tribute to what eTwinning as a context for positive change can do.”


You can take a look at the Awards Ceremony Prezi.