Kents Hill Expansion

1st February 2017

Following the meeting with parents/carers on the 20th January 2017 please see the key points below followed by the minutes (attachment):

  • The Secondary School next to the site. They are separate fenced off sites, with the road & car park between the sites. The site entrance is down a road that is only used for access (deliveries etc.) to the Secondary School.

  • Home/ School Transport. The criteria remains the same and we will make sure we support any transport issues, especially at the transition point.

  • Not being in the same location throughout school. Richard Marangos (Parent Governor) spoke of his initial worries and that he now could see this as a benefit to his son’s future. It is often seen that SEN ‘all age’ schools can hinder young people moving into the ‘real world’. This opportunity would allow us to achieve this in a well-planned way. Careful consideration will be taken at the transition point and the school will remain flexible in its approach to meet each young person’s needs as best we can, on either location.

  • Are other schools involved? No. This is an expansion of Slated Row and not in conjunction with any other school.

  • How will the Headteacher manage both sites? Time will be allocated to both sites. The key is the strong members of the Senior and Middle Leadership Teams, who, as they do at the school currently, ensure the smooth day to day aspects of school life.