e-twinning quality label

7th June 2016

Well done to Mrs Wright and all the pupils involved in the e-twinning projects: "Teenagers Talk" and "Bake Off". They have both been a great succesand enable our students to gain an insight into other cultures and nations through technology.


"Congratulations on being awarded an eTwinning Quality Label for your project “Teenagers Talk” at Slated Row School. Achieving this award is a public statement of your commitment to quality, high levels of good practice and to European collaboration.

What an inspiring project! What is to be admired is how the pupils designed the project for themselves to cover themes they were interested in. As a result of this, I really sensed that the pupils were super motivated putting their heart and soul into this work. There is a very well documented TwinSpace with clear pupil involvement in the activities and with careful consideration for eSafety principles. Well done!

I hope that this award will be a boost to both your pupils’ work efforts and to your school in general."

 British Council
"Congratulations! You have been just awarded with the Quality Label for the work you have done in eTwinning. Congratulations on your Quality Label for your project “The Great eTwinning Bake Off”. The project does really well at improving the students’ independent living skills. I would have like to see more of a collaborative aspect in the project between students from the different countries."
British Council