Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

13th June 2017
Our 12 Duke of Edinburgh students completed their practice expedition last week and have lived to tell the tale!
Students walked in teams of four, navigating their way over a 5.5 mile route using a combination of an ordinance survey map and pictorial instructions. At they same time they carried out a special project, collecting pictures of geographical and physical features along the way. 
Once they had arrived at their campsite in Cosgrove each team had to pitch their tents and cook their evening meal. Homemade pasta bolognese and angel delight was later supplemented by the obligatory marshmallows toasted around the camp fire. 
After a fairly relaxed start to the day, with everything packed back into their rucksacks the students set off along the next leg of the journey which took them out to Passenham and then back to school via Stony Stratford. 
None  of this would have been possible without a dedicated team of support staff who were on hand to supervise and encourage the students when they began to flag.
Despite their tired legs and feet, all of the students arrived back at school with a very big smile on their faces. This was a huge achievement for all of the pupils, many of whom have never experienced anything like this before. We are confident that they are going to do even better when they rise to the challenge of the assessed expedition next week which will be the final leg of their Bronze Award.