D of E Expedition

17th June 2016

Last week a group of twelve Post 16 students set out on their practice expedition for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Walking independently (but remotely supervised) they followed maps and instructions to walk the 6 mile route to Cosgrove Scout Camp.

Although they were spared the heavy rain they did have to cope with the equally challenging hot sunshine. Despite being weighed down by heavy rucksacks, weary legs and feet everyone was in good spirits, quickly turning their attention to putting up tents, cooking supper and lighting the fire, all under the watchful eye of our very own Bear Grylls (AKA Chris Margetson). Following a nourishing tea of supernoodles, birthday cake and marshmallows nobody needed asking twice to settle down for a night under canvas.

With tents packed away and double helpings of porridge eaten it was with a bit less spring in their step the next morning that  slightly dirty dozen continued on their expedition for a further 5 miles. Never have I seen so many happy faces at the sight of a Slated Row mini bus, arriving  at the Old Mill in Stony Stratford to take us back to school.

We could not have been more proud of the students. The purpose of the D of E award is to encourage young people to push themselves beyond their normal comfort zone, both physically and mentally. Our pupils did this in every way.

Early July sees the Final Expedition, where the group will be assessed by an official from the D of E.  With the grit and determination of this particular group I am sure it will be a walk in the park for them!