Classes & staffing

Lower School
Giraffes - Mrs M Govus
Zebras - Mrs M Riley
Elephants - Mrs N Maynard (Team Leader)
 Middle School 
Palms - Miss A Viard
Oaks - Mr L Colvin
Willows - Mr D Barnes (Team Leader)
Maples - Miss C Coventry
Cherries - Mrs LT Guntert
Key Stage 3
Adventurers - Mr J Taylor
Explorers- Mrs L Ward
Voyagers - Mrs S Mander (Team Leader)
Navigators- Miss R Rogers
Challengers - Mrs N Kersey
Experimenters - Mrs M Davison
Researchers - Mrs Z Briggs  (Deputy Team Leader)
Key Stage 4 & Sixth Form (Post 16)
Mercury  - Mrs R Browne
Venus - Mrs I Araujo 
Mars - Mrs K Robinson
Earth - Mrs R Bassett
Saturn - Mrs C Stiles (Team Leader) & Mrs O Johnson
Jupiter - Mrs C Stiles (Team Leader) & Mrs O Johnson
Pluto  - Mrs L Kavanagh & Mrs S Garratt
Moon - Miss Z Rashid
Neptune - Mr K Raley (Team Leader)
For further information about staffing at Slated Row please see the 'School & Staffing Organisation'  document by clicking on the document in the 'Self Evaluation' section of the website - click here.
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