Who are our Governor Body

 Name Type  Elected by  Term ends 
 Ms G Clarke (Chair) Local Authority  Governing body 08.08.19
 Mr J Budd (Headteacher) Staff  Governing body 31.08.18
 Mr B Everest Co-opted  Governing body 14.06.19
 Mr C Morris Parent  Parent body 12.03.21
 Mr R Marangos Parent  Parent body 15.12.19 
 Mrs A Head Staff  Staff body 27.03.21
 Mrs N Maynard Co-opted  Governing body 14.06.20
 Mrs B Sabey Co-opted  Governing body 14.06.19
 Vacant Position Co-opted  Governing Body Vacant
 Mr J Tunley Co-opted  Governing body 14.06.19
 Mr N Miles Co-opted  Governing Body 13.03.22
 Vacant Position Co-opted  Governing Body  Vacant
Governor interests
There are no other recorded pecuniary interests.
  • Ms Gillian Clarke

    Chair of Governors & Safeguarding Governor

    Role(s): Chair of Governors; SEND & Inclusion Governor, Safeguarding Governor
    Committee(s): Curriculum & Pupils, Finance, Personnel, & Premises
    More information:
    Gillian has been a member of the Governing Body since 2011, she applied to join as she has a particular interest in SEN and is passionate about every child maximising their potential. She took up the role of Chair in 2015. She has completed ‘The Chairs of Governors’ Leadership Development Programme’, and has completed further training for Governance and in safeguarding. She attends the termly briefing by the Local Authority for Chairs of Governors and networks with other schools. She meets regularly with the Headteacher, including walks around school and spending time with a class or following an individual student. She supports the school attending events, including walks with sixth form, shows and celebrations. She led the staffing review and restructure and championed the schools interests regarding expansion. She has joined the staff for training days and meets with the School Improvement Partner to understand the school and its context. This enables her to make informed judgements and offer appropriate challenge to the Senior Team.

  • Mr Brian Everest

    Vice Chair of Governors

    Role(s): Vice-Chair of Governors; Chair of the FPP Committee
    Committee(s): Finance, Personnel, & Premises, Pay
    More information:
    Brian has been a member of the Governing Body since 2015. He has completed the training in finance and ‘Understanding alternative governance arrangements’. As a governor he has spent time in classes and attends school events. He has been part of the staffing review and the subsequent restructure. As a previous Deputy Headteacher of the school (not with the current leadership team), he has an extensive knowledge of the school and its stakeholders. As a Maths teacher and having completed the school budget in the past, he is able to support analysis and challenge the statistics and figures, from pupil progress and behaviour to finance. He has an in-depth knowledge of education, especially SEND. He continues to be involved in education as a moderator for examinations, giving him an understanding of both the level and the ever changing content of qualifications available.

  • Mr Richard Marangos

    Development Governor

    Role(s): Vice Chair FPP Committee, Development Governor
    Committee(s): Curriculum & Pupils, Pay
    More information:
    Richard has been a member of the Governing Body since 2015. He has completed the training in governance, and a number of areas of school life, including assessment without levels. Richard has a strong interest in pupil well-being and has undertaken personal research, which enables him to question pastoral approaches and support. He is a champion for the Well-Being Team and is part of the team looking at pupil well-being, as a part of the school improvement plan. Richard attends many events at school and is often at the school entrance at the beginning and end of day. He has spent time with different pupils, classes and staff.

  • Mr Justin Tunley

    Premises/H & S Governor

    Role(s): Premises and Health & Safety Governor
    Committee(s): Finance, Premises & Personnel
    More information:
    Justin has been a Governor at Slated Row School since 2003. His long service in the Governing Body means that he has seen the school’s development over the years and has a good understanding of the school’s context. Justin has experience in building and space design, including playgrounds. He attends the school termly to complete a premises/health and safety visit with the Site Manager or Business Manager. Justin led on the premises review of school, constructing a website to gather the views of all stakeholders. He was also involved in the school staffing review.

  • Mr Chris Morris

    Parent Governor

    Role(s): Parent Governor
    Committee(s): Finance, Premises & Personnel
    More information:
    Chris has been a Governor at Slated Row since March 2017. He has a son in Key Stage 3. His business experience offers the Governing Body support and challenge with the financial aspects of running the school. He also has expertise in premises matters, invaluable with the current expansions of Slated Row, as well as ongoing adaptations to best meet pupils’ needs.

  • Mrs Beverley Sabey

    Safer Recruitment Governor

    Role(s): Chair of Pupils & Curriculum Committee
    Committee(s): Pupils & Curriculum
    More information:
    Beverley has been a Governor at Slated Row School since 2005. She has her own business making garments, and is a volunteer for MK Museum and a founder member and treasurer of Greenleys Community Café. Beverley has also organised for Slated Row pupils to volunteer at the Greenleys Community Garden and café. During her time as a Governor, she has attended a range of courses for governance, including Safer Recruitment. Beverley is ‘Chair of Personnel’ for the Local Ward Town Council, and is involved with various committees. These interests have given her the skills to challenge decisions and scrutinise information.

  • Mr Norman Miles

    Co-opted Governor

    Role(s): Co-opted Governor
    Committee(s): To be advised
    More information:
    Norman Miles is a local Councillor, who is very involved in the local community. Mr Miles taught at The Radcliffe School for many years.

  • Mrs Alison Head

    Staff Governor

    Role(s): The Arts Governor, Vice Chair PC Committee
    Committee(s): Curriculum & Pupils
    More information:
    Alison has been a member of the Governing Body since 2002, having been re-elected by the staff group in 2016. She has completed training in Safeguarding, Team Teach and Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (licenced trainer). As Lead Teaching Assistant, a role across the whole school, Alison is in an excellent position to be able to reflect the views of the pupils and staff as a whole. She has worked at Slated Row since 2000. She was instrumental in setting up of ‘Friends of Slated Row’ and gaining charity status. She has chaired the group and continues to be a driving force in the committee. The work with FoSRS also brings her into close contact with families, work which highlights the many of their needs and desires for the children and parents.

  • Mrs Nicola Maynard

    Co-opted Governor

    Role(s): Vice Chair Curriculum & Pupils
    Committee(s): Curriculum & Pupils
    More information:
    Nicola joined the Governing Body in the Autumn Term of 2016. She has completed a range of training as a teacher. She has been a Middle Leader for a long period of time and has been made an Associate member of the Senior Team. Nicola offers expertise in the Early Years, from delivery to statutory responsibilities. Having been at the school for 10 years, she has seen the school continue to develop and grow. She understands the changes in the school’s population and how this impacts on the school, both now and in the future.