Speech & Language Therapy

We are lucky at Slated Row to employ our own Speech & Language Therapy (SaLT) Team. They are a strong group of professionals always striving to offer the best opportunities to the children and young adults at Slated Row. They are fully integrated into the school supporting our provision at all levels (Universal, Targeted & Specialist).
The team uses a range of approaches and techniques including PECs, Colourful Semantics, AAC devices, signalong, and lots more. For more information please watch the 'SaLT' video (on the right) or click on 'Provision' on the left navigation bar.
The SaLT Team offer training and support for parents, other professionals as well as the rest of the school staff. For more about training see what's on offer on our 'Outreach & Training' page in the 'Community' tab.  
Mrs Lacks Attention Autism Videos