Recipes for you to try at home!

Students have been busy during Food Technology lessons cooking dishes from all round the world. 
We would like to share some of these recipes with you, so that you can try them with your child at home.
It would be lovely if parents/ students could send in photos of them cooking at home so that we could make up a display in school.
As we return to school my courgette plants are still laden with fruit, so I have been looking for interesting recipes to use them up. Our Key Stage 3 students have been cooking these pancakes and have loved them! Have a go at home and send us some pictures.
This week our Key Stage 3 students have been making good use of our lovely home-grown apples with this tried and tested recipe. We have added one grated apple (you can leave the skin on to make them even more nutritious) and 50g of grated cheese at step 4. We also sprinkled a little extra grated cheese on top before baking them. They have been a real hit!