Recipes for you to try at home!

Students have been busy during Food Technology lessons cooking dishes from all round the world. 
We would like to share some of these recipes with you, so that you can try them with your child at home.
This particular recipe was chosen to fit with the Sikh Day that Key Stage 3 are celebrating this week for its use of traditional indian spices (ginger and cardamon).
It would be lovely if parents/ students could send in photos of them cooking at home so that we could make up a display in school.
This half term we are linking our cooking activities to our theme  of theatre and the plays by William Shakespeare.  The Elizabethans ate some pretty unusual things but we know that they ate an awful lot of bread and were required, by law, to eat fish three times a week. Home made bread is always popular and the Fabulous Fish Dip is always really popular (as well as being incredibly good for us). It would be lovely to hear about some of our students having a go at some of these recipes at home; some photographs would be even better!