Meet The PE Team
Mrs Bryne - PE Curriculum Leader & YST Lead Inclusion School Bucks & MK
Mr Cornwell - PE Teacher
Mrs Johnson - Unqualified PE Teacher 
Mr Souster - PE Teaching Assistant 
SRS Virtual Sports Week.
If you click on the link below or open the attachment and you will see the plan you had emailed previously.
Now you will be able to watch a video made by staff and students for each of the activities, by clicking on the words in the box . eg Click on 'Monday Clapping Challenge' and a video will play.
Click below or open the attachment
Tuesday - The Speed bounce Challenge
SRS PE Achievements
Exercise @ Home With Us.
Exercise with Mrs Johnson

Firefighter Fit Kids is an innovative way of learning which is inclusive, fun and inspiring. It combines vigorous exercise with different activities to educate children about health, fitness and fire safety.


 Firefighters Fit Kids - Mindfulness (click watch)