Learning @ Home

Here is our Home Learning document and link to get to our Homework Policy and our Remote Learning Plan.
Resources to support learning at home from different elements of our Provision:
Learning at home can be very difficult; in knowing how much or how little should be done. Often our young people do not want to do 'school work' at home. Don't worry. Focus on the activities you'll find in this section on Life Skills, such as cooking (there are loads of subjects you can touch on here, e.g. writing a list of ingredients needed to tick off, counting, measuring and more).
Reading for pleasure is so important, so find books, magazines, comics and enjoy reading with them. Remember not to just focus on reading the words on the page, but focus on the meaning of the words. 
Learning at home will work best if you have a routine. If you'd like advice on building up a routine, or how best to present the schedule, please see either the Home Work Policy (link below) or the Learning @ Home document. Alternatively, speak to your class teacher. It is important to remember our 'Wellbeing', especially when at home for a long time. See the link below to SMILE, part of our Wellbeing Provision, which includes ideas and activities. 
The Homework Policy can be found in our Policy section. Our Learning @ Home document is designed for prolonged periods of learning out of school, but can be used or help during holidays or to supplement homework.